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The TIMi Suite

Some actual comments from different TIMi users:

TIMi ...a great piece of data analysis software...

TIMi ... is fast and easy to use which makes it a great tool for exploring modeling possibilities...

It was easy to score the ... dataset thanks to TIMi ’s built in scoring module.
The TIMi Suite: a complete and integrated suite of datamining tools that are covering all your analytical needs for your enterprise! The TIMi Suite produces reliable predictive analyses & segmentation analyses that give you the best business-insight about your B2B or B2C market, your advertising campaigns and more!

The TIMi Suite software is a real decision-making support system helping you with good pro-active management. With TIMi, companies can capitalize on their corporate data to develop new ideas, to make business critical decisions and boost their corporate performance. TIMi enables better decisions at every management level.

Through predictive analysis, TIMi produces extensive colorful Excel reports containing intuitive charts and graphics that explain in a simple way all relevant client behaviors, allowing you to take the right strategic and tactical decisions, ahead of your competitors.

Forget costly and lengthy data quality pre-treatment steps and laborious and tedious modelization procedures: now, with the TIMi Suite Software, you can automatically and easily create, in real-time, the most robust and accurate predictive models from any database whatever the size or content.

Thanks to the TIMi real-time analytical engine, Banks, Insurance & Telecommuncation companies are dramatically increasing the ROI of their marketing campaigns. Using TIMi, predictive models can be rebuilt every week to track any customer behavior change at all time. TIMi is the optimal market penetration solution.

The TIMi Suite is composed of state-of-the-art, second-generation datamining and predictive analytics tools that are more user-friendly, more scalable, faster and that are producing better results (better lift, higher accuracy & higher ROI) than all the currently available statistical and datamining software (...and for a cheaper price!). These facts are demonstrated by our outstanding results at various vendor-neutral, world-level predictive datamining competitions (Using the TIMi suite, Business-Insight is a recurrent winner at various datamining competitions: i.e. we were amongst the top winner of the PAKDD2007, KDD2009, AUSDM2009, PAKDD2010 cups).

The TIMi Suite includes the 3 integrated softwares: TIMi , StarDust and Anatella.
Optionally, you can also purchase the system.